Portofinopiazzetta starts in 1960 with Alfredino Maurelli who, during his weekends in Portofino, began producing pure cashmere knitwear for his friends. The climate of Liguria, hot and sunny during the day and with a cool sea breeze in the morning and at night, induced people to wear something soft and light that could warm the body and at the same time be pleasant in contact with the skin. Thanks to its soft and isothermal fibres, cashmere perfectly answered these characteristics.
In 1972 Alfredino, who in the meantime time had started a knitwear production of 100% cashmere, thanks to his extraordinary innovation in colours and patterns, starts a collaboration with several prestigious American brands.

In 1982 Claudio Testa joins the“ portofinopiazzetta” project and, right in the famous square, they open “ Dinghy”, a small luxury shop with an international and refined clientele.
In the ’90s and at the beginning of the 2000s the product success continues to be confirmed by requests of the best boutiques from all over the world. In 2019 the brand “ portofinopiazzetta” is taken over by Claudio Testa and partners who have continued to propose handcrafted, innovative clothing exclusively Made in Italy. The experience and the love we dedicate to our products is daily recognised by our customers with whom we have collaborated for more than 50 years also with private label collections.

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